IPL brings to the UK market globally sourced polymers at the most competitive prices.  We are an International trading and distribution company that lends itself to providers and converters of petrochemical materials, taking with one hand from suppliers and giving with the other in a seamless transition to the UK’s injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion markets etc.

We are indeed a commodity mover and shifter be it Polypropylene, Polyethylene or Styrene. We are one of the UK’s most diversified and vertically-integrated commodity traders. We market and distribute to a wide customer base that includes the industrial, automotive, construction, oil, packaging and food processing industries. 

With growing uncertainty and market complexity, price volatility seems the new norm. From logistics to operations and material regulation amendments, risk is inherent to the entire commodity supply chain.

IPL’s substantial network of strategic business trading partners, affords us the opportunity to readily match demand for product in one part of the world with supply from another, IPL create reliability through reach. Stability is maintained regardless of whether supply is abundant or restricted, helping to create certainty in commodity price management.